About This Subscription

This is the ultimate Office 365 training subscription.  With this level, you have access to all of our SharePoint beginner, SharePoint power user, PowerApps and Flow training content.  YES, all content on the whole site, even as new content and classes are added.  You also get full access to download the slides and labs for all training classes, and after taking each course, you get a completion certificate as well.  This content contains over 30 hours of pre-recorded training, and is constantly being updated.  This bundle even includes the recording of our live PowerApps and Flow classes, and our PowerApps knowledgebase.

For yearly members, you also get your own account in our Office 365 test environment, and your own test SharePoint site and the ability to create and try all of your own PowerApps and Flows.  The monthly subscription does not include this.

What you get

This is a list of everything included in this subscription.

  • EVERY SINGLE COURSE on our site

  • New courses that get added to our site

  • Over 45 hours of training content

  • 24 x 7 access

  • Downloadable lab materials with step-by-step labs

  • Earn certificates for each course

  • Quiz questions in each course

  • Yearly (not monthly) subscribers get a demo student account and test site

  • Yearly subscribers get a free T-shirt

Pricing options

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