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About This Subscription

This is the ultimate Microsoft 365 training plan.  When you enroll, you have access to all of our SharePoint beginner, SharePoint power user, Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Lists, and Microsoft Forms training content.  YES, all content, even as new content and on-demand classes are added.  You also get a completion certificate when each course is done.  This content contains over 35 hours of pre-recorded, up-to-date training.  This bundle even includes the recording of our live Power Apps and Power Automate classes, and our PowerApps knowledgebase, which contains downloadable Power Apps to learn from. Ultimate membership also gives you access to our private forum and exclusive office hours meetings, as part of our community.

For yearly PLUS members, you also get your own account in our Microsoft 365 test environment, your own test SharePoint site and the ability to create and try all of your own Power Apps and flows. 

What you get

This is a list of everything included in this subscription.

  • EVERY SINGLE COURSE on our site, plus new courses

  • Over 35 hours of SEARCHABLE training content

  • Office hours - 1 hour every 3 weeks, for general help and Q&A

  • 24 x 7 access

  • Lab materials with step-by-step walk throughs

  • Take quizzes and earn certificates for each course

  • Earn coins to spend on swag in our company store

  • Yearly PLUS subscribers get a demo student account and test site

  • Yearly PLUS subscribers get to download all training materials and lab documents.

  • Yearly PLUS subscribers get a free T-shirt

Here is everything that is included in your bundle. Click any course for a detailed syllabus.


  • What is the difference between Ultimate and Ultimate PLUS?

    The difference is that with Ultimate PLUS, you get a T-shirt and a student account in our Microsoft 365 environment. This includes your own SharePoint site in which to go through the labs, and pre-created lists for the Power Apps and Flow labs. It also includes some flows that are shared with you in our environment, that you can export and download.

  • What are Office Hours?

    Office Hours is a live online session we hold every three weeks. Every Ultimate subscriber is invited to this session. During this session, we cover topics posted in our Ultimate Community forum. As an Ultimate subscriber, you can post questions and topics in our forum. Someone from our team or one of our awesome community members will typically respond. We then choose a few of the topics that you submitted and cover them during each Office Hours session. The live sessions are held in Microsoft Teams.

  • Is this training any different than the Power Hours?

    Yes, Our Power Hours (thanks for watching!) are small live segments that highlight specific features or solutions. These are great if you are looking to learn that one small thing at that time. On the other hand, the training provides a full pedagogy to take you from novice to advanced on topics including SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate and more! Our training is also updated regularly to keep up with the changes in Microsoft 365.

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