About Us

IW Mentor is an online training company. We specialize in SharePoint, which includes SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Online with Office 365, and SharePoint 2016.

Our Training

Our course selection includes content created for beginners, end users, and more advanced power users. 

The classes are written and taught by Laura Rogers. Laura is a SharePoint expert, speaker, author, and educator. She is well-versed in helping organizations make the most of their SharePoint environments using out-of-box functionalities such as workflows, forms, and Web parts. Laura’s technical expertise also includes over 10 years of experience working with Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration systems. She has been named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the past six years. A seasoned author and speaker, Laura has presented at numerous conferences, user groups, and SharePoint Saturdays, and she runs the Birmingham (AL) SharePoint User Group. She has contributed to several books on SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 over the past eight years.

Many organizations are turning to the ever-evolving modern collaboration platform that is Office 365. At IW Mentor, we pride ourselves on keeping on top of the changes that are constantly happening in the platform. We work hard to keep our content refreshed and updated with the latest information.

We also know that the traditional method of spending thousands of dollars on a class only to have the technology change a few months later is not as efficient as it once was. That is why we offer subscription plans and sell individual modules to best suit our customer’s needs.

Our Consulting

Do you need help with SharePoint? Do you need someone to help you get that form or workflow project out the door? Maybe you have challenges with list or web parts just not behaving like they should? If so we can work together to solve all of your SharePoint challenges.

You may contact us via phone or email:

Phone: (205) 538-3222

Email: support@iwmentor.com