• Process Automation

    We'll work with you to automate your organization's business processes, utilizing forms and flows created with Power Apps and Power Automate.

  • SharePoint Modernization

    Navigating the new, modern SharePoint features, like team sites vs. communication sites, structuring hub sites, and pages with modern web parts, can be a tricky endeavor. We'll help guide you through these questions and more.

  • SharePoint Migration

    Moving your files and data from on-premises locations, such as file shares and old versions of SharePoint, to the cloud, is a daunting challenge. Our knowledge can greatly help with smoothing out this transition while helping make the most of Microsoft 365.

  • Leave InfoPath Behind

    Stuck with old InfoPath forms that are being deprecated before your eyes? We'll help you transition to the modern solution, Power Apps and Power Automate.

  • Mentoring

    It's in our name! We will talk through your ideas and help identify any unforeseen roadblocks. While you create your solution, we can help with technical hurdles you might encounter along the way. The level of help is up to you.

  • Power Apps Development

    We have created a full range of Power Apps for a diverse range of customers. If you need help finishing your Power App or need us to build the entire solution, we are always looking for a challenge to solve.

IW Mentor also provides numerous support options including supporting your day to day SharePoint and Microsoft 365 administrative needs. 

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Modern SharePoint Workshop

Our personalized workshop gets you up and running with modern SharePoint.