Our Partners

IW Mentor works with carefully selected partners worldwide, whose products we trust and recommend.

Voitanos Voitanos is where Andrew Connell publishes his on-demand technical training and educational resources for Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft’s Office 365, Microsoft Azure and cloud related technologies. Andrew is working on courses related to the SharePoint Framework, a new development & extensibility model for SharePoint. Check out their latest development course, or take advantage of one of the free resources by Voitanos for SharePoint developers!
Guy in a Cube Guy in a Cube is all about teaching you the clicks of Power BI! Adam and Patrick do the work and share that information with you to help master everything about Power BI. We have been involved with Power BI before it was even Power BI and have over 40 years of data and business intelligence experience. From our weekly YouTube videos, to our live streams and our paid courses, we have you covered. Twitter: @GuyInACube
Visual SP

VisualSP specializes in providing context sensitive on-screen guidance to end users. The VisualSP Help System makes the end user experience simple, effortless, and efficient. It cuts down on help desk costs by providing step-by-step guidance to users at the moment of need and in-context of their environment. More than 2 million users of Microsoft technologies around the world currently benefit from the VisualSP Help System.  Twitter: @visualsp

Search Explained Search Explained helps organizations of all sizes leverage modern information architecture & search strategies to harness the full value of their collective knowledge. Offering a full-spectrum of consulting engagements, training programs, and hands-on workshops, Search Explained assists organizations in architecting precisely the right technology and people empowerment programs they need to ensure everyone can swiftly and securely access the knowledge they need, for every task-at-hand and every business-critical decision.
InfoWise Infowise Ultimate Forms enables you to create powerful SharePoint applications without custom code. It consists of a complete library of forms, process and reporting components designed to seamlessly work together to create reliable and easy-to-use solutions. Your team can create powerful solutions quickly and efficiently, allowing them to stay focused on driving additional value to your organization.