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The chart below is a comparison of our most cost-efficient offerings. Content in Office 365 is ever evolving and the days of paying thousands for a training class only to have the content change a few months later are behind us. Our plans allows you 24/7 access to our content which is regularly updated with the latest and greatest information.

For those needing the traditional one-time cost training we offer bundles for our Beginner, Power User and Forms/Workflow/PowerApps classes. You can also purchase any one module from these classes on demand. For example, have a good grasp on the Power User content but need an introduction to Power Apps? You can purchase that here.

Price per year
Training modules
Sample introductory
All beginner & power user, even as new ones are added.
All beginner, power user, workflows & forms.
EVERY SINGLE COURSE is included, even as new ones are added.
Hours of training content
Over 16
Over 30
24x7 AccessIncludedIncludedIncluded
Up-to-Date Training ContentIncludedIncludedIncluded
Downloadable lab materials
Yes, for beginner, power user, and workflows & forms class
Demo student account and test site
Yes, plus an example sub-site of a fully built travel request solution.

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