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For the past few years, our Power Hours have been held every Wednesday. Delve into this indexed and searchable video archive, where you can easily locate topics by typing any string of text. Please note that unlike our structured courses, this collection of videos is not organized into lessons.

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. SharePoint File Viewer Web Part

    3. Power Apps Export To CSV (using flow)

    4. List Templates with Flows Included

    5. SharePoint Search Web Parts

    6. Power Apps Tabbed Galleries & Forms

    7. SharePoint Color Coded Calendar

    8. Power Pages

    9. SharePoint 360° Image Tours

    10. Image to Power Apps

    11. SharePoint Section Templates

    12. SharePoint Action Buttons

    13. Microsoft Forms in Stream Videos

    14. Power Apps Field Defaults

    15. List Formatting Sample Gallery

    16. Microsoft Lists - Intro to Views

    17. What Is Microsoft Bookings?

    18. Power App Dashboards

    19. Microsoft Lists Updates

    20. InfoPath to Power Apps

    21. Content Approval in Microsoft Lists

    22. Power Apps Form Modes

    23. Microsoft Loop

    24. SharePoint Parent Hub Site

    25. Power BI in a SharePoint List

    26. SharePoint vs Teams

    27. Microsoft Forms

    28. OneDrive versus SharePoint

    29. Teams Integration Object in Power Apps

    30. Power Apps Save and New Button

    31. Image Web Parts in SharePoint

    32. Planner Connectors

    33. Power Apps Waffle Menu

    34. SharePoint Custom List Templates

    35. SharePoint Modern Site Templates

    36. Guide to SharePoint News for Internal Comms Teams

    37. Teams Approval Templates & eSign

    38. SharePoint Events Web Part

    39. Dataverse for Teams

    40. Viva Topics

    41. MS Forms Recurring Surveys

    42. SharePoint Usage, Analytics, Performance

    43. Power Apps Choice Controls

    44. SharePoint Home Sites & Viva Connections

    45. Power Apps Print Function

    46. Quick Links Web Part

    47. Workplace Transformation Site Template

    48. External (Guest) Users

    49. Approvals in Teams

    50. SharePoint Hub Permissions

    51. SharePoint List Rules & Form Editor

    52. Power Apps Filter for Managers_Project Managers

    53. Power Apps Containers

    54. PowerApps Custom Filtering

    55. PowerApps Choice Buttons

    56. Files Required Metadata

    57. SharePoint Modern Calendar

    58. Flow Trigger for Selected Teams Message

    59. Teams Triggers in Flows

    60. Bookmarks in Search

    61. Microsoft Teams Admin & Templates

    62. Planner with Teams and Flow

    63. Organization Assets Library

    64. Dynamic List Filtering

    65. Spaces

    66. Highlighted Content Web Part

    67. Employee Onboarding Site Template

    68. Multilingual Sites

    69. Power Apps Monitor

    70. Charts in Power Apps

    71. Power Apps with Teams

    72. Power Apps People Picker

    73. Power Apps Component for Nav

    74. Power Apps in Power BI

    75. Import Word Doc to MS Forms

    76. Power Apps Tutorial Screen

    77. Power Apps Tabbed Gallery

    78. Microsoft Teams Templates

    79. Via Connections

    80. Power Apps Environment Variables

    81. Power Apps Navigation Menu

    82. Creating Content Types

    83. SharePoint & OneDrive File Requests

    84. List Templates with approvals built in

    85. Suggestion Box Power App

    86. Power Apps PDF Function

    87. Item Level Permissions in Lists

    88. How To Level Up Your Power Apps Gallery With Editable Data

    89. Let SharePoint Work Its Magic For You - Set Up Automated Rules & Alerts

    90. Mastering Microsoft Teams - Tips and Time-Saving Hacks Unleashed

    91. Supercharge Your Power Apps: Mastering Microsoft Copilot Integrations

    92. Ready, Set, A.I. Builder! A Step-by-Step Guide to Microsoft's Automatic Document Processing

    93. Microsoft Loop & Tasks

    94. Working with Groups of People

    95. Power Apps Names Formulas

    96. Power Apps Employee Directory

    97. Adobe eSign & Power Automate

    98. Generic Flow - cross site

    99. List Button Trigger Power Automate

    100. Copilot in Power Automate

    101. Video Playlists in Microsoft Lists

    102. Power Virtual Agents & Power Automate - Simple Integration Setup!

    103. Livestream Your Microsoft Forms With PowerPoint in Minutes

    104. Import from Excel

    105. Discover How Microsoft Viva Can Transform Your Business & Improve Productivity

    106. SharePoint Libraries Got a Makeover!

    107. Upgrade Your Power Apps with Modern Controls

    108. Forms vs Lists vs Power Apps

    109. SharePoint Site Owner

    110. Integrating SharePoint Data into Power Pages_Demo, Tips and Tricks

    111. Supercharge Your Productivity Mastering the Power Apps Creator Kit in an Hour!

    112. Calendar Smackdown! Which Calendar Works Best For Your Team?

    113. Room Booking with Power Apps: A Guide to the Book a Room Template

    114. Unlocking HTML Capabilities in Power Apps

    115. Enhancing Your Power App Easy Steps to Filter a Gallery by Year

    116. Getting Started with Copilot Studio, using A.I.

    117. Exploring SharePoint Online: Mastering Out-of-Box Web Parts

    118. How to Fast-Track Your Work, Mastering Microsoft 365 Copilot

    119. SharePoint Lists Modern Forms

    120. SharePoint Command Bar Customization

    121. AI Prompts used in Power Apps

    122. Streamlining Data Entry: Pre-filled Microsoft Forms

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