Power Automate

A tool for Power Users & Developers alike

Automating business processes has become mandatory for many organizations. Microsoft has worked hard to create an automation tool that has the simplicity for a Power User working with small process improvements and the robustness for a developer needing to integrate multiple systems and work with thousands of rows of data.

Our Power Automate courses are bundled with Power Apps courses in our Ultimate subscription.

Boost Productivity

Empower the Power User

As a Power User, the ability to build small solutions to improve business processes without having to wait on IT is incredibly important. Through tools like Power Automate, these users can quickly spin up workflows that can send customized emails when an item in a list reaches a certain status or can create items in SharePoint when a new form is filled out in Microsoft Forms. Power Automate is extremely intuitive but combined with the training provided by IW Mentor your Power Users will be building efficient solutions in no time.

Integrate Business Systems

A citizen developer's dream

As intuitive and simple as Power Automate is to use it also has a robust set of features that will keep even the most technical developers happy. One of the most impressive features is how simple it is to connect to data in Microsoft 365 and beyond. Not only can you connect to that data but you can also fully integrate it and use these connections seamlessly in your workflows. Do you have a large database in SQL and need something to happen in SharePoint when a new record is added to SQL? Let Power Automate help you build those solutions and so much more.