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Level 3 - Ultimate

Full access to all of our SharePoint training content


Workflows and Forms - Full Course

Advanced SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows, and no-code solutions.


Planning Business Solutions

In this module, we first discuss examples of custom business solutions in SharePoint. We then go over the requirements gathering process, and the most common requirements, as well as how to start planning before building the solution.


Content Types and Forms

In this class, you will learn advanced concepts in content types, and how to use them to your advantage in creating business solutions and list forms. We will go over best practices, and how to make the most of common site columns.


Advanced SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows

This class is an advanced, deep dive into SharePoint Designer 2013. You will learn the ins and outs of creating and troubleshooting workflows, and will get to build your own workflows and your own business solution.


Workflow Health & Troubleshooting

In the real world, workflows are not perfect, especially as they are being created and tested. In this module, you will learn about various errors, and how to troubleshoot workflows.